White bites with blackberry mousse and coffee syrup

White bites with blackberry mousse and coffee syrup

November 27, 2008 de Anda - 3 Comments

How do cravings work? Do you crave for ugly food? Is a food aesthetics that makes us want to eat it more and more?
I always try to find new shapes, new looks for my cakes. One of the examples are these white bites. Practically, they can be filled with any mousse and cake and syrup that you feel like.
This time I chose a cocoa almond genoise (the leftover from here) soaked in kahlua (chocolate and coffee liqueur), topped with a blueberry mousse.

For the cake, visit the link above.
For the mousse
100 g blueberry puree
20 g brown sugar (less or more depending on taste and on how tart your fruits are)
1 gelatin sheet
100 ml heavy cream whipped to medium peaks

Bring the puree and sugar to a boil. Strain it if not already so. While it is still warm mix in the bloomed gelatin sheet. When it has cooled to room temperature, slowly incorporate the whipped cream.
Use it right away.

For the white chocolate cover
200 g white chocolate

Melt the chocolate on bain mare. With a small knife spread a layer of chocolate inside the molds you plan to use (I used a silicone muffin pan). Put it in the freezer to harden. After a while, apply a second coating to make sure no whole or too thin spots remain. Put it in the freezer for another 10-20 minutes.
Soak the genoise circles in Kahlua, put them inside the chocolate coat and pipe mousse over up to the base of the coating. Put it back in the freezer to allow the mousse to set.
Remove it from the freezer and use the left chocolate to enclose the bites. Let it in the freezer overnight and then carefully remove the bites from the molds.